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"Gil was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about everything in the region and beyond. He took us to see interesting places while explaining their histories, including the geology and wildlife. This was one of the most unique tours we've ever been on, and we would definitely recommend this experience, especially for those who enjoy nature and walking off the beaten path."

Michael & Priscilla (Canadá)
Airbnb (Junho, 2022)

"Nous avons passé un super moment à découvrir les origines géologiques de la ville , Gil est une personne experte et passionnante. Le tour était très complet nous avons visités plein d’endroits magnifiques."

Olivier & Sniejana (França)
Airbnb (Dezembro, 2021)

"Muy, muy recomendable. La experiencia nos ha encantado. Da la posibilidad de ver sitios que no hubiéramos conocido de haber ido solos. Gil ha sido un anfitrión estupendo, muy ameno y atento. Sus explicaciones han sido muy interesantes y nos ha mostrado la zona desde una perspectiva ecologica."

Alicia (Espanha)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2021)

"Uma volta diferente, com uma perspectiva diferente...sobretudo para quem não sabe nada de geologia. O Gil adapta a volta aos nossos interesses (obrigada pelos flamingos), conhece muito bem a sua cidade e é muito simpático. Adorámos!... e havia um teenager típico que também gostou! Recomendamos!"

Isabelle (Portugal)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2021)

"I really enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend it to others. Gil is a great tour guide who knows much more than geology - he can weave history and the environment into his discussions about Aveiro and how it has evolved over time. This is also a great way to explore the Costa Nova, and we were able to talk about the impacts of climate change on these fragile ecosystems. It was a highlight of my time in Aveiro and I would highly recommend this tour."

Seema (USA)
Airbnb (Setembro, 2021)

"Fabuloso! Passámos uma tarde em família com direito a caminhada, passeio de jipe, explicações "jurássicas" :), boa disposição, tempo favorável, irrepreensível! Recomendo! E vamos voltar Gil!!"

Sofia (Portugal)
Google (Agosto, 2021)

"We had multiple tours with Gil, and we loved each one! My wife and I first had a wonderful Lagoon adventure with Gil. He was super knowledgable and did a great job showing us the major highlights including a rare sighting of flamingos! We were even able to bring our dog with us, which was a major plus! He’s a smooth and careful driver which made us feel relaxed and at ease. We look forward to booking another eco-adventure! SECOND TOUR UPDATE: We went to Cape Mondego and did a great hike to see some fabulous views! THIRD TOUR UPDATE: Walkways on the outskirts of Aveiro - beautiful at sunset! FOURTH TOUR UPDATE: Caves near Coimbra. Gil really made each tour a fantastic adventure for us all!"

James Lee (USA)
Google (Agosto, 2021)

"This was the best experience I had ! Gil was a fabulous host: he asked us what we particularly wanted of this tour, he brought us to marvellous places, explained everything (even had extra documentation with him to show the differences in the landscape through the years) and even made us laugh. The tour was very interactive and we also compared our countries. We even finished the tour 1 hour later because it was so nice to be guided around. I highly recommend this experience if you are interested in the changes of landscape and want to visit more of Aveiro. Don’t hesitate and just do it!"

Daphnée (Bélgica)
Airbnb (Julho, 2021)

"Adorámos a experiência!!! Fizemos duas visitas de grupo, dirigidas a crianças. Andamos pela Serra do Caramulo e da Pernoita, vimos flamingos e corremos pelos Passadiços de Aveiro!!! Sempre bem acompanhados, por um guia sábio e sempre bem disposto! 🙂 Aguardamos ansiosos o próximo passeio."

Mónica Subtil (Portugal)
Google (Maio, 2021)

"Muy interesante y ameno, además Gil es muy atento y simpático. Muy recomendable."

Sixto (Portugal)
Airbnb (Abril, 2021)

"I can't recommend this enough Gil was a superb guide and a very nice guy too! It made my stay in Aveiro much more interesting and enjoyable knowing something about why it developed the way it did which is pretty much down to the geology... fascinating! We were supposed to finish at 12.30, but we talked so much we went on until 2 - no extra cost. If you're staying in Aveiro take this tour!"

Nick (UK)
Airbnb (Novembro, 2020

"What an excellent tour of Aveiro. Gil is very personable as well as passionate about Aveiro and sharing his knowledge. There was not a dull moment with all the area we covered and stories related to nature, history, geology and culture. He even adapted the tour for me to be on bikes and had great recommendations for lunch and my cycle route back to Porto. If in Aveiro, don’t miss this chance."

Birgit (Alemanha)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2020)

"Gil est un hôte très sympathique, et grâce à lui j'ai pu découvrir plus en détail Aveiro et sa région. J'ai pu voir les marais salants et le lagon d' Aveiro, de nombreux oiseaux ( flamants roses et hérons entre autres)et pour finir visite de la côte. Ses explications sont très claires et complètes, le rythme est agréable, pas de précipitation, on peut prendre des photos et se balader tranquillement."

Morgane (França)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2020)

"Fizemos uma caminhada de 4 horas. O Gil foi um guia excelente e paciente. Mostrou-nos lugares com paisagens fantásticas e também nos ensinou alguns pormenores de geologia que não conhecíamos. As pedras parideiras é um fenómeno que vale a pena ser visto. A Serra da Freita é um lugar com muitas surpresas para quem gosta da natureza."

Susana Fonseca (Portugal)
Tripadvisor (Julho, 2020)

"Our tour with Gil, who picked us up at our accommodation in Torreira, was terrific. First we saw the preparations for the historic regatta of the brightly painted sailing boats the next day in Torreira, then we hiked at the lagoon in the nature reserve to watch a wide variety of birds. Gil was very competent and was always a pleasant guide. We had a secure feeling even in corona times. We can highly recommend it."

Hermann & Rosi (Alemanha)
Airbnb (Junho, 2020)

"We had an incredible experience with Gil, showing us a different perspective from the city. The amazing nature spots combined with his background on the local history and culture offered us an unique experience. Gil is also very friendly and his knowledge makes this tour fascinating. He also gave us tips for nice places outside Aveiro. Hope we can see you soon."

Mylena (Brasil)
Airbnb (Fevereiro, 2020)

"Our trip with Gil around the Aveiro Lagoon was an absolute delight, most highly recommended! We travelled with our 7 month old son and Gil was extremely accommodating, making the trip so easy and lovely, even bringing some toys for the little one! We saw loads of birds, including flamingos, saw the salt pens, the factories and ships, the coastline and inlets, beaches and the stripped houses. We even went up to the lighthouse! It was truly special and Gil had so much knowledge and insight to share, and was so lovely to spent time with, it was truly wonderful. Many, many thanks!"

Karo & André (UK)
Airbnb (Janeiro, 2021)

"O nosso amigo Gil desenvolveu um projecto bestial que junta turismo e geologia. O seu entusiasmo é contagiante e com programas feitos à medida permitem-nos descobrir o país fora das rotas do asfalto."

Filipe Silva (Portugal)
Facebook (Janeiro, 2020)

"Gil showed us not only the city but also the world of geology. Aveiro is a perfect city to stroll around without exhausting ourselves. Gil designed a very special route for us to experience not only its city but also the industries that made the foundations of it. He is attentive and knowledgeable in his area. I am so glad we booked this."

Minji (China)
Airbnb (Novembro, 2019)

"Inspiring stories about local culture and nature. Our host had camera to take incredible pictures."

Sylwia (Polónia)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2019)

"What a lovely afternoon, thank you Gil! It was fun as well as very educational. I loved how you were able to give us information as well as keep it light and conversational. This experience is highly recommended to sea, animals, architecture or history lovers."

Teresa (Portugal)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2019)
"Uitstekende tours, ik heb zowel de urban (in de stad) als de nature & humans (buiten de stad) tour gedaan. Gil is niet alleen een bekwame gids maar ook een sociaal prettig en enthousiast persoon. Veel interacties en inspelen op persoonlijke interesses. Zijn eigen vakgebied (geologie) vult hij uitstekende aan met wetenswaardigheden over architectuur, stads- en plattelandsontwikkeling. De stadswandeling bleef niet beperkt tot het toeristisch gedeelte maar ook de wijken die de laatste 40 jaar zijn herontwikkeld. In de natuur&mens tour bracht Gil ons (Portugese, française,Nederlander) naar zoutwinnings gebieden, havens, kwelders, lagune,strand en ook de nieuwe dorpjes / gehuchten / zandstrip bebouwingen van laatste eeuw, inclusief Costa Nova (wat anderen al als aparte excursie aanbieden). Mooie dag (wel winderig). Aanraders!
Ps: Vandaag ook een boot tour gedaan bij andere organisatie. Dan valt echt op hoe weinig daarin vertelde wordt en hoe weinig interactief dat is in vergelijking met de tours van Gil."
Richard de Leeuw (Holanda)
Facebook (Outubro, 2019)

"Uma experiência incrível e singular para conhecer e aproveitar as lindas paisagens, natureza e história (geográfica, geológica e cultural!) De Aveiro. A experiência apresenta informações que estão fora do roteiro comum e saímos de lá como se realmente conhecêssemos a cidade e sua história."

Carlos (Brasil)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2019)

"We tried both of Gil’s geo-tours, both the lagoon and urban experience. It was off-season, so both times, we had him to ourselves and he went above and beyond to give us an exceptional experience. Seeing Aveiro through his eyes made the place all the more special and gave us ideas of about how to spend the rest of our time there."

Joan (Canadá)
Airbnb (Outubro, 2019)

"Amazing tour! It will make you see Aveiro in a completely different eye. Gil is an expert in his field, and makes the tour really unique. You’ll learn about Aveiro’s history, but also geology and immerse yourself in this small town. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about geology, Gil will teach you everything while making it super fun."

Peneloppe (Canadá)
Airbnb (Setembro, 2019)

"Gil is a very friendly, genuine and interesting guide. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge on how geology has shaped Aveiro and its surroundings and how it has affected people. We saw some fantastic sights including flamingos, salt pans, a bacalhau fishing harbour and the Barra and Costa Nova beaches. Throughout the tour, Gil gave some very interesting insights into each of the places (and some historical photos to compare how the areas have changed in the last century, which was s fantastic touch!) He also recommended restaurants in Aveiro and a delicious pastel de nata in Costa Nova. The time really just flew by, and it is exactly the kind of local tour I’d want from an Airbnb experience!"

Himmy (Nova Zelândia)
Airbnb (Agosto, 2019)

"Wonderful! We’re soooo happy we had the chance to spend time with Gil getting to know the Laguna, the history of Aveiro and bird watching along the way. I booked this experience as a birthday surprise for my husband and I’m very happy I did it. He loved it as well! Thank you Gil! Will definetly book one of your other experiences!"

Carla (Portugal)
Airbnb (Julho, 2019)

"Gil was extremely welcoming and accommodating, storing our luggage in his car, finding toilets and food when we needed it, and dropping us off at the train station. His English is excellent and his knowledge of geology and good birding spots was top-notch. He was interested in our passions and life experiences, and we had great conversations. I wish we could go out exploring with him again tomorrow!"

Mattew (USA)
Airbnb (Julho, 2019)

"Excelente Pessoa e Profissional."

Vitor Rodrigues (Portugal)
Facebook (Junho, 2019)

"A really fun, informative, relaxing and low key presentation about the history of Alveiro and the surrounding area. Gil's approach was eye-opening as to how the economics and history of the town are connected to its geology and changing eco-systems. Additionally, Gil was always responsive to questions - ask them! I really learned a lot. Highly recommended."

Richard (USA)
Airbnb (Maio, 2019)

"Gil was so accommodating. We were really only interested in birdwatching so he designed a tour just for us. So much fun. He’s so knowledgeable about so many things. After the tour he dropped us off at the train station with our luggage. He also sent us an email with the photos he took on our trip. Delightful in every way. Just wish we saw flamingos but that wasn’t something Gil could control. He did send us photos of them though which was just as wonderful."

Regina (Canadá)
Airbnb (Março, 2019)